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Life Drawing: Bob the Lawyer. Thursday Night, April 4, 2014

140404 Bob seated on platform drumstick square cropped

Thursday night, April 4, 2014 at Medi’s FMA Studio in Costa Mesa, California. This was my first time working with Bob the Lawyer.

I came very late to the studio. Here are my first 5 minute sketches.

140403 Bob the Lawyer 10 minute sketches

This was a good pose, but hard for the model. It was more challenging to sketch but worthwhile. I was unable to get all I wanted to, into my sketch by the end of 10 minutes. This was my favorite pose. I reminded me of Giorgio de Chirico’s enigmatic sketch of a servile supplicant worshiping a dish of loomingly large powerless boiled fish.

140403 Bob reclining pose 10 minute sketch

De Chirico’s illustration: worshipping the loomingly large, perceptively powerful helpless boiled fish. – Jzin

Illustrazioni dell’artista italiano Giorgio De Chirico per la Fiaba “Nel paese della Gattafata” di Orsola Nemi

Giorgio De Chirico’s design for the cover of “Nel paese della Gattafata” (“In the village of Gattafata“) (1943-1944). Pen and India ink on paper. 29.5 x 25.3 cm Milan, Private Collection.  Image Source: here.


140404 Bob right elbow hanging behind chair

Denise and Asli wanted to focus on hands, so they moved to the other side of the room. Here, I worked on this pose.

140404 Bob seated left hand resting on right knee

Another 20 minute pose.

140404 Bob seated on chair left elbow over chair

Thank you Bob for posing for us today! – Jzin

About Medi’s FMA Art Studio in Costa Mesa, CA.

Life figure drawing sessions are free for new artists at Medi’s studio. This studio even provides monster boards, newsprints, charcoals to welcome the new folks. The fee for the 4 hour (7pm-10pm) life drawing session for the rest of us is $10. Medi sometimes even serve the artists bries, cheeses, crackers, hot organic teas and wines. We are well taken care of. Contact Medi (below) for more information if you would like to join us in Orange County, California. – Jzin

Medi Bendanna, Frame My Art Studio in Costa Mesa, California.

  • e-mail:
  • cell: 949 836 8273
  • They also frame art works:

About our model this evening. You may contact him for your modeling needs (Los Angeles/ Orange County, California)

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  1. You were a great group. Hope to pose for you again.

    April 14, 2014

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