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Life Drawing: Briana on the water

Saturday Morning 10am – 3pm. April 11, 2015. Location 1980, Costa Mesa, California.

The last time I painted was on January 17, 2015. I had been busy doing things that are good and dutiful. How I yearn to paint again this morning!  Click here to view my work with model Marisssa on January 17, 2015.

This is my first time working with model Briana. Lovely girl, she has arched eye brows and deep red lips reminiscent of Edith Piaf. She came to us on a morning train from North Hollywood. She was in town to model and vacation. It was not apparent but she has German and Philipino blood among other bloodlines.

Thank you physicist Jim Trolinger for organizing this long pose with the sensibility of one who loves life drawing. I was so excited last week when he e-mailed me this model set up! Wow! Briana on water long pose set-up! I love you Jim and reflective Aluminium mylar sheet!

(photo of Briana on reflective surface by Jim. Pending permission to use photo)

I started by sketching with quick drying acrylic. I considered oils but I am so impatient. I could not find viridian so I went with emerald green, intending to but I knew I would be too lazy to cover the green up with subsequent layers.

Briana, as “The Siren, On The Dawn of Her Exchange”. 3 hour pose in acrylic. 24″ x 24″ on stretched canvas.

150411 Life Drawing Brianna from Seattle Saturday long pose organized by Jim Trolinger Location 1980 first time 0404.

The above was done in a great rush. I wish I had another sitting with her.

 This artwork above is available for purchase on Jzin’s Etsy shop here.

Close up view of the head. My 10 year old daughter said to me, “great job! But the green head will give little children nightmares.” Haha!

150411 Life Drawing Brianna from Seattle Saturday long pose organized by Jim Trolinger Location 1980 first time chest 3x4 cropped 0404.

 An alternate close up view. I had fun swimming in colors wantonly!

150412 Briana as siren contemplating her choice 0409 detail crop.

The model Briana posing with my work in progress during her break. I love this model. I gave her a nice tip for today’s work. Thank you so much Briana!

[pending photo of Brianna during break with my painting of her in progress]

The 3 hour long pose was followed by two 1 hour poses. I started a new piece in acrylic. I worked in a hurry and barely had time to finish it.

Brianna a Saturday morning. Unfinished sketches. Acrylic on stretched canvas. What I managed to do with two different 1 hour poses.

150412 Briana 2 one hour poses 0400 faces cropped.

I took some liberties with her asymmetrical hairstyle and also decided to make her with wandering eyes.

150412 Briana 2 one hour poses 0400 face cropped.

Briana artwork are for sale. You can contact me by leaving a message below.

You can purchase this piece above on Jzin’s Etsy shop here.

Thank you Jim Trolinger for organizing today’s life drawing session. It was great! – Jzin.

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