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Life Drawing: First Time with Marissa

Saturday Morning. January 17, 2015. This is my first time working with model Marissa.

Marissa on a Saturday morning. 3 hour pose in sanguine chalk on newsprint, 18″ x 24″ (45.7cm x 61 cm).

150117 First Time with Marissa.

 This artwork above is available for purchase on Jzin’s Etsy shop here.

150117 First Time with Marissa torso cropped.

The model Marissa posing with my work in progress during her break. She is a wonderful model. I gave her a good tip for today’s work. Thank you so much Marissa!

150117 Marissa posing next to her sanguine charcoal life drawing sketch portrait.

The 3 hour long pose was followed by 1 hour draped, of the same pose. I started a new piece in acrylic. I worked in a hurry and barely had time to finish it.

The young writer on a Saturday morning. Acrylic on stretched canvas. What I managed to do with the 1 hour pose.

150117 The writer on a Saturday Morning.

I was going to call this one “Potiphar’s Wife”, a reference to the twarted biblical seductress. Then chose a more neutral title instead. Detail below.

150117 The writer on a Saturday Morning torso cropped

Both pieces of artwork are for sale. You can contact me by leaving a message below.

150117 First Time with Marissa square cropped.

You can purchase this piece above on Jzin’s Etsy shop here.

Thank you Jim Trolinger for organizing today’s life drawing session. It was great! – Jzin.

You can check out Jim’s website here:

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