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Life Drawing: Girl, Reclining

140527 Ifat the Isreali Artist as Model lips square cropped 2

Tuesday morning, 10am-1pm. May 27, 2014. The day after Memorial Monday.

I have been looking forward to trying out a new long pose art studio for a while. With enthusiasm, I attended my first life drawing session at Fred Hope’s Laguna Beach art studio. I was also happy when I found out the model would be someone I have not work with before. Googling about the model, it turned out she is also an artist, which created an excitement for my painting session.

In my recent past 3 hour long pose painting session, I included too many details on my small canvas, resulting in a fussy piece. Therefore, today I consciously made a decision to simplify my 16″x20″ painting: focusing only on the head, not the entire person.

140519 Tracey inked steampunk flapper in fishnets at Catalyst Art Studio.

Tracey in Fishnets by Jzin Teng. May 18, 2014. Too many details in a 3 hour pose.

I painted this hurried exercise directly onto my cheap, store-bought, primed, pre-stretched canvas.

140527 Ifat the Isreali Artist as Model face square cropped

Well, I did not mean for it to turn out this way, but it did. I felt a little embarrassed with this work, that day being surrounded in the new studio by painters who knew what they were doing.

This piece was more like a flat illustration, falling away from my ideal idea of classical painting with volume and depth. It seemed to be saying loudly: this artist is self-taught!

I tried not to listen and continued working on it. (Now the voice is giving excuses, which I will list only one: I have not painted regularly for more than a decade, and just started painting earlier 2014.) Regardless, I decided to stay and work with this piece and see what came out of it.

Here was what I finished in 3 hour’s time.

140527 Ifat the Isreali Artist as Model by Jzin acrylic painting

Girl, Reclining. Jzin Teng. Acrylic on canvas. Approximately 12 inches x 16 inches.

Despite the stiffness, the unsatisfactory level of depth, and awkward look, I grew to like this piece because of the care and love I decided to pour into it. I knew my goal was to deliberately paint a finished piece in 3 hours, so, in that light, I succeeded. Well, next time, I should be less impatient and build up my pieces more conscientiously. Now I am reading up on classical painting.

At home, my 9 year old daughter says the model’s breast was painted larger than her head. Yes, it is useful to sit back after break from a painting session to view one’s work.

Thank you to our beautiful model for posing for us today! At this point of my politeness, I can not paint family, friends and acquaintances with the same abandonment and honesty, thus models are very helpful. – Jzin. Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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