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Life Drawing: Jana the Ballerina. February 6, 2014

February 6, 2014. Thursday night at Medi’s FMA Studio in Costa Mesa, California. Today is my first time sketching Jana the dancer.

2 minute pose. I deliberately sketched lightly at beginnings. But I love drama, and happily anticipate the right moment when I am ready to add dark bold marks.

140206 Jana gazing down 2 minute pose

2 minute sketch.

140206 Jana primping with smile

2 minute sketch

140206 Jana 2 minutes arms up pose

5 minute charcoal sketch.

140206 Jana 5 minute sanguine charcoal drawing

10 minute color sketch. Not enough time to work on this.

140206 Jana 10 minute sketch in color

10 minute color sketch.

140206 Jana 10 minute color charcoal sketch with logo

Long pose in charcoal. I was unhappy with the drawing. It was going nowhere…

140206 Jana long pose resting

I stopped drawing the long pose and moved my easel to different locations. 10 minute sketches of the same pose.

140206 Jana in graphite and in charcoal 10 minute sketches with logo

I normally do not use graphite pencils because I do not like to erase. I prefer my initial compositions in light charcoal instead of the darker marks of graphite. Seeing others using it, I decided to try. I like the clear dark statements graphite gives, plus added the control of the pencil.

140206 Jana in graphite sketch detail of face and chest

I am grateful for Jana’s smiles. It makes for a livelier drawing.

140206 Jana in graphite detail of face.

This was the second night I met Jana again. Her skin color was so delicate and luminescent. I focused on exploring the colors of her skin, during the long sketch.

140206 torso detail. Jana acrylic long pose square cropped

140206 tummy detail. Jana acrylic long pose square cropped

I enjoyed exploring colors but dissatisfied with the overall drawing.

140206 Jana acrylic long pose eye detail square cropped

Thank you Jana for posing for us today! – Jzin

About Medi’s FMA Art Studio in Costa Mesa, CA.

Life figure drawing sessions are free for new artists at Medi’s studio. This studio even provides monster boards, newsprints, charcoals to welcome the new folks. The fee for the 4 hour (7pm-10pm) life drawing session for the rest of us is $10. Medi sometimes even serve the artists bries, cheeses, crackers, hot organic teas and wines. We are well taken care of. Contact Medi (below) for more information if you would like to join us in Orange County, California. – Jzin

Medi Bendanna, Frame My Art Studio in Costa Mesa, California.

  • e-mail:
  • cell: 949 836 8273
  • They also frame art works:

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