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Life Drawing: Katherine with the boy cut hair. Wednesday Night, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Night. My first time in many years, painting at Jesse’s Location 1980 Art Studio.

140423 Katherine long pose seated straight gaze upper body crop 4

I started painting again this year, after not painting for many years. Today I decided to try out a new figure drawing studio in town. Here are my work from this night.

This was my first time here. I came late. Tracey signed me in and helped me set up a wooden easel. Thanks Tracey!

Here was my first drawing tonight. 10 minute pose.

140423 My first sketch tonight Katerine with wooden stick 10 minute pose 1

I was not used to the overhead lighting over the artist’s easel, I was a little dazed by the light on my paper. My 10 minute sketch in sanguine chalk.

140423 Katherine with the short boy hair back view 10 minute pose in sanguine chalk

Wow! I love this pose. Katherine has such a beautiful face, her pixie hair cut gave her a very androgynous boy/sweet look. I had fun drawing this pose, my hurried results may not show it, but that was my most favorite of her poses tonight.

My favorite pose from tonight. 10 minute quick sketch.

140423 Katherine crouching 10 minutes pose in sanguine chalk

I love longer poses. When I heard it was time for 15 minute poses, I happily whipped out my paints! Alas, 15 minutes was not long enough to get everything I wanted to, in the painting.

140423 My first painting tonight 15 minute color sketch of Katherine seated

I ran out of small canvases. So, during the model’s break, I ran into my car in the dark alley to get another canvas. I only had a larger one. I tried my best to get all into my larger canvas. Here was the result of my haste and larger canvas scale.

15 minute sketch on canvas.

140423 Kate seated 15 minutes color sketch 2

Here was my final work for tonight. Katherine in (I think) 1 hour pose, divided into three 20 minute sittings. I was working as fast as I could but still not able to get everything in, by the end of the night.

140423 Katherine long pose seated straight gaze whole body

My Czech friend said the model looked very Polish. Do you have ancestry roots in Poland, Katherine?

140423 Katherine long pose seated straight gaze square cropped

I find it a great joy to paint this model! Thank you Katherine for posing for us tonight. Thank you Traci and Jesse for hosting our session and thank you to all the artists for an enjoyable creative evening together! – Jzin

About Location 1980 Studio in Costa Mesa, CA.

The fee for the 3 hour (7pm-10pm) life drawing session at this studio was $20. Tonight there was music, wine, water, crackers, brie and veggie platter for the artists. I put a decent tip into the tip jar for the model and I recommend you do too, for she is an excellent model. Contact Jesse (below) for more information if you would like to join us in Orange County, California. – Jzin

Jesse Fortune, Location 1980 Art Studio in Costa Mesa, California.

About Katherine, our Artist’s Model for this evening:

140423 Katherine the Great photo from Jesse

Photo credit: Adam’s Aperture

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