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Life Drawing: Len Brandishing A Scimitar. Thursday Night, June 5, 2014

140605 Len gazing down over right shoulder, square cropped.

Thursday Night. June 5, 2014

I have guests in town and took a mini break from the studio. This evening, I was very eager to paint again. When I arrived at Medi’s FMA studio, I learned our model was Len. This would be my second time working with this model. With great energy, we started with a grand 5 minute pose.

140605 Working on the railroad with hammer pounding 5 minute sanguine compressed charcoal sketch

Working on the railroad. 5 minute sketch.

130605 Len with scimitar and fist 5 minute compressed sanguine charcoal sketch

This was my favorite pose tonight. 5 minute sketch with scimitar.

Throwing a spear. 5 minute sketch.

140605 Len throwing a javelin spear

Much as I frown upon the violent nonsense of man, swashbuckling does yield exciting, lively pictures! Here’s the last charcoal sketch I would share with you: hacking with a scimitar:

140605 Len hacking with a scimitar swashbuckling

5 minute pose. Now I am no longer carefully drawing out accurate detail for presentation, I was in a hurry to get to the depiction of volume. Alas, 5 minutes was barely enough.

After some 5 minute warm-ups, I whipped out my paints for poses longer than 5 minutes. Yay! Here’s Len with his fun props and costumes. This 30 minute pose was the first of my several paintings tonight:

140605 Len as the sultans guard with spear 30 minute acrylic sketch. Square cropped 2

I had fun playing with paint. I decided not to get too hung up on likeness or details, but just let the paint take me. The process was fun but the results were a little hard to look at since they were messy and contained careless compositional and tonal mistakes (much of it so conveniently cropped out with photo editing). It was a successful night, despite of the finished pieces because I got to play and the exercises reminded myself to loosen up my brush strokes.

140605 Len gazing down over right shoulder.

30 minute acrylic sketch. Len gazing down over his right shoulder. Oh – I am on the verge of switching back to using oils. Alas, acrylic is so much more convenient for quick sketch and exercises.

Thank you Len for your heroic poses! I appreciate it! – Jzin

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About Medi’s FMA Art Studio in Costa Mesa, CA.

Life figure drawing sessions are free for new artists at Medi’s studio. This studio even provides monster boards, newsprints, charcoals to welcome the new folks. The fee for the 3 hour (7pm-10pm) life drawing session for the rest of us is $10. – Jzin

Medi Bendanna, Frame My Art Studio in Costa Mesa, California.

  • e-mail:
  • cell: 949 836 8273
  • They also frame art works:

About our Artist’s Model for this evening:

140607 Len fine art model tryptich

  • Len Nissenson is a professional artist’s model with a BA in Art History from the University of California, Irvine. He is also a painter. Len uses simple props and costuming elements in nude poses to clearly define the story he is posing.  He states, “I think it is the model’s responsibility to define the pose for the artist, and it is the job of the artists to take the pose and interpret it further, according to their own needs and desires.”
  • e-mail:

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140131 Detail of torso, with logo.Yoni the Jew with scimitar. Life model academic nude at FMA studio, Costa Mesa

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