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Life Drawing: The Resting Spanish Dancer. Sunday, May 25, 2014

140525 Resting spanish dancer shoulder square cropped.

Sunday Afternoon 4pm-7pm. May 25, 2014. The day before Memorial Monday.

This is my second time painting at The Catalyst Art Space studio. Again, the studio is bustling with many talented artists. I was impressed with the diverse works of the artists in the studio this day.

Our model was Sherry. I have painted her once before, at Medi’s FMA studio in Costa Mesa. Today, Sherry is dressed in a graphically bold Spanish Dancer costume. Here was what I managed to paint at the end of a 3 hour long pose session.

I did not do a burnt sienna wash. Instead, I drew with paint directly onto the bright white gessoed canvas.

140525 3 hour long pose Sherry the spanish dancer resting sleeping napping.

My desire to complete this painting on my canvas in the 3 hour duration made me take hurried decisions, resulting in a flat piece with a less than satisfying composition. If I simplified the contents of my 3 hour work, perhaps I could get more depth into it. In retrospect, perhaps I should have only focus on painting the head and shoulders only for a pose that is 3 hours long.

This was my favorite part of the painting today.  I love tonal gradation and contrasts.

140525 My favorite part shoulder square cropped.

Thank you Sherry for posing for us today! – Jzin. Sunday, May 25, 2014.

This piece is currently for sale on CastleofCostaMesa Etsy store. Click on image below to enter:

140525 My favorite part shoulder square cropped.

About Catalyst Art Space in Westminster, CA.

Sunday 3 hour long poses Life figure drawing sessions are $15, payable at the Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, California. The Art Supply Warehouse is the best art supplies store in Orange County that I know of.

About Sherry, our model this afternoon.

  • Hey Sherry, drop me a line if you want me to add anything to your bio! – Jzin

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