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Life Drawing with Vanna Mae. Thursday. January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014. It has been about 4 years that I have not drawn. Out of the blue today, I decided to accompany a visiting Kurdish painter who speaks very little English (and I, virtually no Kurdish) to a life drawing session in town. So I went. Just like that, after such a long time of not drawing.

Our model for the night was Vanna Mae. Here is my long sketch of her. This piece was done without any erasing because I do not know where is my kneaded eraser is after all these years.

140109 Vanna Mae 1 hour 20 minutes sanguine sketch

This drawing is now available for purchase on

Detail of the above drawing.

140109 Vanna Mae 1 hour 20 minutes sanguine sketch shoulder crop 3

Our beautiful 23 year old professional artist’s model on her break. I really like her and gave her a big tip. She is very professional. Here she stood with my 20 minute sketch of the above drawing.

140107 First live drawing at Medi's studio model Vanna Mae. with logo

detail of the above. 20 minute sketch in sanguine.

140109 20 minutes sketch of Vanna Mae seated

Alena asked, why do you sketch so fast, Jzin. I live this way. I have to act fast, I have such a life that I am on call around the clock and can be called away from my present activity at any moment, to be thrown into a violent vortex of despair, without notice. Like Cinderella, I have to dance fervently, to make it count, in a frenzy and to the last drop because presently I see my personal time as very finite.

Here are the quick warm up sketches done earlier in the night. 5 minute sketch of Vanna Mae.

140109 Vanna Mae 5 minute pose in sanguine with logo

Here is my 10 minute sketch of Vanna Mae.

140109 Vanna standing with pole 10 minute pose. Jzin. with logo

This picture (full size, without the seal ) is now available for purchase on Click on the image below to shop.

140109 Vanna Mae 1 hour 20 minutes sanguine sketch waist crop

Click here to see my second time working with Vanna Mae: Vanna Mae as Queen Vashti.

I relish every moment of this life drawing session and have to thank Medi Bendanna at FMA for organizing this. Thank you Medi! – Jzin

About Medi’s FMA Art Studio in Costa Mesa, CA.

Life figure drawing sessions are free for new artists at Medi’s studio. This studio even provides monster boards, newsprints, charcoals to welcome the new folks. The fee for the 4 hour (7pm-10pm) life drawing session for the rest of us is $10. Medi sometimes even serve the artists bries, cheeses, crackers, hot organic teas and wines. We are well taken care of. Contact Medi (below) for more information if you would like to join us in Orange County, California. – Jzin

Medi Bendanna, Frame My Art Studio in Costa Mesa, California.

  • e-mail:
  • cell: 949 836 8273
  • They also frame art works:

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140131 Detail of torso, with logo.Yoni the Jew with scimitar. Life model academic nude at FMA studio, Costa Mesa

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130315 Bacchus et Ariadne by Jzin Teng 1998. Detail Laocoon

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