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The Foundry by Jzin Teng

140603 Feb 2012 Entrails of the Polite One. acrylic on dry paper red clouds. The Foundry

The Foundry. Signed original artwork by Jzin Teng. Acrylic on Archival Paper. 18″ x 24″ (45.7cm x 61cm). 2012. California, USA. Private Collection.

This is the foundry of manifesting thoughts, desires, convictions, prejudices, good will and such. Sometimes we wonder where events in our lives come from. Well, here it is. Your own foundry. So watch what fodder you feed into its hungry, gaping chasm, for it is manifesting indiscriminately, diligently, ceaselessly.

Well, truthfully, this piece was originally an acrylic wet on dry three color study done one day after a long (about a decade or so) hiatus from painting. Upon completing it, I wondered if this was a spewing of a churning energy from within, so I named it “Bowels of The Polite One.” Later, when I decided to donate it for a good cause, my politeness sanitized the name and thus putting a new face upon it and hiding the autobiographical aspect of it.

140304 The Foundry artwork by Jzin Teng. Framed in gilded solid wood Italian frame by FMA studio

This piece was professionally framed by Medi at Frame My Art, in Costa Mesa using archival conservation techniques. It is housed in a beautiful Italian solid wood gold-leaf frame featuring reverse compo lambs tongue moulding design and an acid and lignen free cream linen mat with 100% virgin fiber conservation backing.

March 15, 2014. “The Foundry” was sold at US $500 at The Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 Annual Gala and Auction. Thank you everyone who supported our school! Please contact me, Jzin Teng, if you would like to commission a painting or portrait:

Figure/ Life Drawing

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140131 Detail of torso, with logo.Yoni the Jew with scimitar. Life model academic nude at FMA studio, Costa Mesa

Master Studies

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130315 Bacchus et Ariadne by Jzin Teng 1998. Detail Laocoon

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130315 Feb 2012 Entrails of the Polite One by Jzin Teng. Acrylic on dry watercolor paper red clouds. square cropped with logo

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seahorse and mermaids square cropped

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