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People in My Life: West Los Angeles, 1997

Wednesday. June 4, 2014.

I have been extremely private about my art work. Today, I decided to break that self-imposed taboo and share some of my past artworks. These are some selected entries in my sketch journal from 1997, the first year we first moved to Los Angeles, California. I was self-conscious about sketching the people I know, so I sketched very quickly to get the sketches over with. Working with a model was easier, since I did not have to reckon with the personal relationship. Here are the quick sketches of people in my life then.

1997. West Los Angeles, California.

970504 Bulgarian Mathematician Ivo Dinov blue pencil sketch, West Los Angeles 1997

Above: Mathematician Ivo Dinov. Blue pencil in sketch journal. West Los Angeles, 1997.

970613 Visitor from Sofiya. Zhenny, Bissers mother looking down at dining table blue pencil sketch, West Los Angeles 1997

Above: Visitor from Sofiya, Zhenny the pianist.

970606 Nienchtze mid sentence quick pencil sketch 2

Nienchtze in mid sentence. Her first Summer in Los Angeles, before she knew she was going to study Quantum Mechanics in graduate school.

97 Jzin self-portrait before graduate school.

Above: Self-portrait, before graduate school. Acrylic in my bound sketch book. I look very much like my father.

970604 Bisser and Baby pencil sketch in journal dyptich 2

Bisser and what I wanted with him, a subconscious, unplanned dyptich in my ubiquitous black bound sketch journal. 1997.

97 Bisser playing piano at our Granville apartment in West Los Angeles

Bisser on the piano in our Granville Apartment in West Los Angeles, 1997.

My black, bound journal travelled with me every where I went. I was very secretive with its contents. Here is an example entry of life in 1997, Los Angeles.

97 pen on paper journal entry in Los Angeles. Hollywood whore

Snippets of life in 1997, West Los Angeles. Ball point pen on paper. Piano in our living room acquired with gambling money. Many Chopin waltzes came out of it that summer. Me harvesting transgenic mouse straited muscle tissues and other organs under a fume hood in Sita Reddy’s Myotonic Dystrophy lab at the Institute of Genetic Medicine. Bisser and my first sighting of an endemic organism of this metropolis: a Hollywood street-walker showing us her wares as we drove by in broad daylight.

Figure/ Life Drawing

Click here to view my life drawing works.

140131 Detail of torso, with logo.Yoni the Jew with scimitar. Life model academic nude at FMA studio, Costa Mesa

Master Studies

Click on the painting below to view my self-studies copying the masters.

130315 Bacchus et Ariadne by Jzin Teng 1998. Detail Laocoon

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Jzin’s Paintings

My paintings.

130315 Feb 2012 Entrails of the Polite One by Jzin Teng. Acrylic on dry watercolor paper red clouds. square cropped with logo

Jzin’s Handwork/ Crafts: Castle of Costa Mesa

You may also check out my Waldorf Crafting website here:

seahorse and mermaids square cropped

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